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Water fed Pole Window Cleaning

Window glass cleaning with pure water and extension rod. Washing and rinsing operation. We use “pure water” and water-fed rod systems
(sometimes known as “Reach & Wash”) for cleaning windows.
Details about our regular window cleaning service & “frequently asked”

1. What exactly is “pure water”?

Our machines produce pure water by either passing tap water through resin crystals,
deionize or through a special osmosis membrane to extract the minerals from
the water (these minerals leave residue on the glass). That is pure water
then stored in a tank on our vehicle where it is pumped and piped through a hose,
up a pole, to the brush head and onto the glass. It’s made up of the combination of friction
the brush bristles and the power of the pure water that cleans the windows. to
rinse, the brush is held a few centimeters from the glass and, after rinsing, from above
the windows are naturally left to dry streak-free downwards!

2. Can you operate your WFP system in any weather?

Pretty much! As long as it isn’t torrential rain, dangerous wind, or the water
could freeze, we can still clean your windows in rain or shine!

3. How often will you clean the windows near me?

Most customers opt for a 6 week service. Due to the workload, we cannot offer “one-offs”
cleans and we would expect customers to stick to the agreed schedule unless
extraordinary circumstances arise. If regular cleaning is refused, we reserve the right
to increase the originally agreed fee.

4. The first cleaning is the worst cleaning.

The very first cleaning will be the worst as we also clean the dirty windows
Framework. These can still drip from the ventilation openings after our departure. From the second
clean further, the best results are visible.

5. Do you let me know when you will be coming as I have locked gates?

Yes, provided we have your contact details, we can call or text you the night before
our visit.

6. As we provide a ‘duty of care’ for our staff, we kindly request you observe the

Please ensure dog/cat mess is cleared from the areas we will need to access with our hoses.

Please ensure all Velux windows are closed if possible on the day of the clean.

Please make us aware if you have sensitive alarms that may be triggered by our cleaning.

Where possible all work will be carried out from the ground. We reserve the right to decline cleaning higher windows that may be dangerous to access from longer ladders.

7. Do you offer other services?

Yes, we also provide a valet cleaning service for fascias, soffits, gutters, conservatories, solar panels and cladding etc.

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